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Travelers on a watercraft in the Danube delta, 2008

Travelers in the parlor auto of an Amtrak San Joaquin Valley train, California, 2014

A traveler (additionally shortened as pax[1]) is an individual who goes in a vehicle yet bears practically no obligation regarding the undertakings needed for that vehicle to land at its end or generally work the vehicle.

Travelers are individuals who ride on transports, traveler trains, carriers, boats, ferryboats, and different systems for transportation.

Group parts (if any), and in addition the driver or pilot of the vehicle, are generally not thought to be travelers. For instance, a flight orderly on a carrier would not be viewed as a "traveler" while on obligation, however a representative riding in an organization auto being determined by someone else would be viewed as a traveler, regardless of the possibility that the auto was being determined on organization business.


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